December 24th 2021 – COVID-19 Omicron Update: Due to the unprecedented growth of the COVID-19 Omicron variant, LMC – Laser Medical Clinic will be by appointment only until further notice. Our COVID-19 vaccine-boosted regulated health care professionals spend and will continue to practice careful consideration regarding which appointments may be better suited for a virtual setting and which may continue for an in-person visit, ensuring that all infection prevention and control measures are in place and there is sufficient personal protective equipment. Your safety is our priority. 

For the safety of all of our staff members and clients, we will be under strict guidelines to meet all recommendations provided by Ontario’s Public Health guidance and Occupational Health and Safety. As such, we have modified our operations to meet those requirements. Please review the below prior to your next appointment.

  • You’ll need to make an appointment with us before coming in for your next treatment.
  • When you arrive for your appointment, you can text or call us at 647-492-7484 and we will let you know if you can enter the clinic based on the number of people currently inside. 
  • Cloth masks are no longer allowed. Wearing a 3-ply medical mask & using hand sanitizer while in the clinic will be mandatory. If you don’t have a medical mask or gloves, they will be provided to you at the front desk. Hand sanitizer will be made available in all treatment rooms and in our waiting area.
  • You will be required to take a body temperature screening upon your arrival at the clinic. This will be performed by the treating clinician at the front office before bringing you into the treatment room. If you have a fever of 37.3 degrees Celsius or higher, a cough, or any respiratory symptoms, you will not be treated.
  • You will no longer be allowed to bring anyone to the appointment with you. This includes partners, children, friends and pets.
  • All your pre & post-care instructions will be provided electronically.


We’ll be spacing appointments out between patients in order to minimize the number of people in the clinic, and all social distancing guidelines will be strictly followed. 


LMC – Laser Medical Clinic  has invested in top of the line ventilation equipment to keep our patients and staff members safe. Surgically Clean Air’s JADE Air Purifier (SCA5000C) is one of the World’s Most Advanced Standalone, Premium, Commercial-Grade Air Purifiers. We use Surgically Clean Air to clean, purify and re-energize the air inside our practice. Our ventilation equipment captures 99.998% of all particles, as well as utilizing UV-C germicidal light to destroy airborne viruses and bacteria.⠀⠀⁣


All reading material and decorative material has been removed from our waiting room. All surfaces in the waiting room and treatment rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between patients. Sanitization will include treatment beds, tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, equipment and anything else touched during the treatment. Hand sanitizer has been made available for all clients and staff members in all of our treatment rooms and waiting room. Masks and gloves will be available to all clients at the front desk.


All front desk & medical staff are fully COVID-19 vaccinated will be wearing gloves & masks at all times.  Additionally, all front desk & medical staff will receive daily body temperature screenings when they arrive at the clinic, and anyone with a temperature at or above 37.3 degrees or experiencing a cough/respiratory symptoms will be asked to seek medical care immediately and require a physician’s note to return to work.

Surgically Clean Air can help make employees & clients feel safer at our clinic, relieving that fear and anxiety with premium, portable air-cleaning solutions that don’t simply filter pollutants – they actually destroy them. The solutions rely on HEPA-Rx filters that have been independently tested to remove 99.998 percent of particles at 0.1 microns, and 99.2 and at 0.0025 microns. A six-stage filtration system captures dust particles, pollen, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), mold, allergens, viruses, odors (like formaldehyde and smoke), bio-aerosols, and many other pollutants commonly found in the air within office places.

Stay safe and kindest regards,

LMC – Laser Medical Clinic Management