Acne Scar Removal By Laser In Toronto & Richmond Hill

Acne Scar Removal & Treatment by Cutera Laser in Toronto & Richmond Hill (GTA)

With acne scar removal, acne scars fall into two main categories: those caused by a loss of tissue (atrophic acne scars), and those caused by an excess of tissue (hypertrophic acne scars). Within these categories, there are four main types of acne scars: ice pick, boxcar, rolling, and keloid scars.

 Acne scars are difficult to treat and will require combined modalities of treatments to see significant improvement. Unfortunately, over-the-counter products simply aren’t powerful enough to improve anything besides discoloration of the skin.

There are procedures, though, that can improve the look and the overall texture of your skin with acne scar removal. Your options depend on the type of scarring you have.

Most people have more than one type of scarring on their skin, so you might need a few different treatment modalities in order to see the best results. At LMC – Laser Medical Clinic, advanced skin rejuvenation treatments are combined in order to produce the most optimal results.

Cutera Secret PRO (RF Microneedling & Fractionated eCo2)​

Enhance with Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP)

Cutera Secret PRO's RF microneedling method provides the ideal conditions for the healing and growth effects of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Growth factors in platelet-rich plasma stimulate the body's ability to grow cells and tissues. The PRP is delivered into the microneedling openings created during the Secret PRO RF microneedling process. This is where PRP can have one of the most powerful impacts on skin rejuvenation.

In addition to stimulating the skin's natural chemical processes, PRP growth factors continue to work for weeks after the Secret PRO procedure. Rather than sitting through two separate procedures, the LMC - Laser Medical Team can perform both treatments during a single office visit. You can expect even greater results when platelet-rich therapy is combined with Cutera Secret PRO.

Cutera Pico Genesis FX Laser ​

The PICO Genesis FX elevates enlighten’s existing skin revitalization capabilities and introduces a fractional approach to treating acne scars, textural concerns and aging skin on all skin types. Its novel Micro Lens Array (MLA) treats the upper layers of the epidermis and dermis which generate collagen stimulation and remodeling of the skin. The expansion of this new fractional treatment means more efficacious results with little-to-no downtime for active lifestyles. The Cutera Enlighten handpiece attachment facilitates skin remodelling deep within the skin’s dermis.  Picosecond treatments have been shown to yield faster and more visible results. The Cutera Enlighten laser is optimal for targeting acne scars.

What’s the difference between Pico Genesis and Pico Genesis FX?

Both laser treatments are performed using the state-of-the-art Cutera Enlighten 3 laser technology.

It is imperative to note that Pico Genesis and Pico Genesis FX target different levels of the skin to address different skin concerns.

The Cutera Pico Genesis is an excellent choice for those wanting to reduce unwanted pigment (discolouration, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, unwanted freckles, etc) and refine pores. As well as treating sun damage, the Cutera Pico Genesis evens out skin tone and reveals a brighter, more even complexion. The pigment is shattered by gentle non-heating laser pulses. Post Pico Genesis treatment this pigment will fade.

The Cutera Pico Genesis FX targets the skin at a deeper level. Among its uses are addressing concerns related to age and scarring, such as skin texture, loss of elastin, acne scarring, and pigmentation issues.

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