Double Chin Treatment: Belkyra™/ Kybella™ Treatment

Belkyra™/ Kybella™ is the first and only non-surgical treatment that has FDA and Health Canada approval for improving the appearance of fullness in the area under the chin.

Belkyra™/ Kybella™

Pricing: $600 per syringe
Procedure time: 20 minutes
Number of Sessions Required: 2 – 4
Spacing Between Sessions: 4 – 6 Weeks apart
Downtime: Generally no down time 

Belkyra™/ Kybella™ F.A.Q​

What is Belkyra™/ Kybella™?

It is made of a substance that is naturally found in your body called deoxycholic acid. This naturally occurring molecule assists in breaking down fat for permanent correction, further preventing the storage and accumulation of fat cells under the chin. In the past, the only choices to double chins were surgical methods or liposuction. 

Is Belkyra™ permanent?

Yes, the effects of Belkyra™ will be permanently enjoyed. When injected, Belkyra™ causes the destruction of fat cells; once destroyed, those cells can no longer store fat. There are no maintenance or upkeep treatments or additional injections required. After the initial series of treatments, the results are permanent.

How does Belkyra™ work?

Belkyra™ is injected under your chin and causes the destruction of the fat cells there. Once these fat cells are destroyed, those cells cannot store fat, making the results permanent. The staff at LMC – Laser Medical Clinic will customize your Belkyra™ treatment plan and will be able to determine how many treatments are needed to achieve your desired chin profile. The majority of clients experiences visible results after two to four treatments sessions each spaced no less than one month apart.

What kind of research is behind Belkyra™?

Belkyra™ has been the focus of a global clinical development program involving over twenty clinical studies with more than 2,600 patients worldwide treated with Belkyra™ and its American name, Kybella™. Belkyra™ is a part of the Allergan family of products that include BOTOX® Cosmetic, Juvederm®, and LATISSE®. 

What are the possible side effects of Belkyra™?

As with all other cosmetic injectable treatments, you may experience mild to moderate side effects including swelling, bruising, redness, pain, numbness, tingling or itchiness and a sensation of warmth. You may experience a sensation of hardness across the treatment area or in small areas within the treatment area.

Belkyra™/ Kybella™ Before & After

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