PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma for Facial Rejuvenation in Toronto, Richmond Hill, & GTA


2023 Spring Sale Lmc (5)However, many don’t know that blood also contains fundamental growth factors designed to recover and heal. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy harnesses these regenerative growth factors by activating them to promote natural healing. This enhancement is done by stimulating the underlying tissue to speed up tissue and collagen production to create smoother/plumper skin, improving under eyes dark circle and even fuller scalp hair.

Since 2006, PRP & PRF therapy has been used in facial rejuvenation around the world.  PRP & PRF therapy provides visible results by:

  • Smoothing and plumping along the forehead, cheeks and eyes.
  • Minimizing smile lines around the nasal folds.
  • Tightening and lifting along the neck/jawline and décolleté.
  • Improving the appearance of skin and minimizing acne scars.
  • Improving the appearance of the hands by minimizing age spots and tightening skin. 
Results may vary with each individual, though typically you may see noticeable improvements in skin tone and texture within 3 weeks of treatment. Improvements may continue for several months after post-treatment. Combining PRP with other treatments (fillers, cosmetic laser, Mesotherapy treatments, etc.) may prolong results.

We all know blood contains platelets that are key in clotting & healing wounds.


** With any PRP facial treatment we are offering a complimentary Dermalux treatment.
Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) for facial rejuvenation & hair restoration.

RegenLab PRP (Single)

NOW: $400

Harvest® PRP 30ml (Single)

NOW: $640

Harvest® PRP 60ml (Single)

NOW: $960

RegenLab PRP (Package: 3)

NOW: $960

Harvest® PRP 30ml (Package: 3)

NOW: $1840

Harvest® PRP 30ml (Package: 5)

NOW: $3040

Harvest® PRP 60ml (Package: 3)

NOW: $2560

Harvest® PRP 60ml (Package: 5)

NOW: $3840

What is the difference between Harvest® and other PRP?

(This information is provided by Harvest® Company)

Harvest® typically has up to TWENTY times as much platelets as 12 other PRP technologies on the market = up to TWENTY times more of essential growth factors for potentially stimulating collagen.

Harvest PRP Concentration Yield
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