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Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP Facial Rejuvenation in Toronto, Richmond Hill, & GTA

Experience a rejuvenated complexion with our PRP Face Treatment, a revolutionary procedure that naturally enhances your skin’s appearance. This advanced facial, also known as a vampire facial or lift, harnesses the power of your own blood’s growth factors and healing properties. It’s designed to stimulate cell renewal and significantly boost collagen production. The treatment involves injecting PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) into the skin, targeting the deeper layers to invigorate collagen and tissue production, leading to a more youthful look.

Our PRP injections tap into the body’s healing mechanisms, releasing potent platelets that activate fibroblasts, resulting in a radiant and fuller skin appearance. Our skilled medical professionals may also use a specialized hand injection method, employing a cannula to precisely address fine lines, under-eye circles, and wrinkles, optimizing the treatment effects before your vampire facial.

To cater to diverse needs and achieve optimal outcomes, our clinic proudly presents distinct PRP technologies, each offering unique results aligned with your aesthetic goals. Consult with our PRP specialists to determine the most effective PRP kit for your needs.

The benefits of PRP are extensive, ranging from smoother, more voluminous skin, and enhanced under-eye areas, to potentially fuller scalp hair and even beard hair growth. Discover the transformative power of PRP and redefine your beauty with us.



Best Results

A course of treatments.

Safety First

All of our products, including our PRP centrifuge kits, are Health Canada and FDA approved.


Minimal to none.

Skin Care Regimen

At least one PRP facial is recommended annually for those 30 and older. At least two PRP facials are recommended every year for those who are 40 and older.


None required.


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Natural and Therapeutic

100% natural and therapeutic with zero foreign additives and animal products added.

What areas can PRP & PRF For Facial Rejuvenation (PRP Facial or Vampire Lift) treat?

Since 2006, PRP & PRF therapy has been used in facial rejuvenation around the world. Benefits of a vampire facial / PRP facial:  

  • Provides visible results by improving circulation
  • Smoothing and plumping along the forehead, cheeks and eyes.
  • Minimizing smile lines around the nasal folds.
  • Tightening and lifting along the neck/jawline and décolleté.
  • Improving the appearance of skin and minimizing acne scars.
  • Improving the appearance of the hands by minimizing age spots and tightening skin.
Results may vary with each individual, though typically you may see noticeable improvements in skin tone and texture within 3 weeks of treatment. Improvements may continue for several months after post-treatment. Combining PRP with other treatments (fillers, cosmetic laser, Mesotherapy treatments, etc.) may prolong results.

Cervos Prp Now Or Never

15 Years (4)

PRP Under Eyes for Eye Hollows, Circles & Bags

For those dealing with under eye bags, hollows and dark circles, PRP might be the solution for you! The under eye area can appear hollowed out, because of volume loss as we age. PRP is highly effective for restoring sunken eyes. 

What is the difference between Cervos Key PRP and other PRP?

(This information is provided by MDBiologix Company)

Cervos Key PRP® typically has up to TWENTY times as much platelets as other PRP technologies on the market. This means Cervos Key PRP has up to TWENTY times more of essential growth factors for potentially stimulating collagen.

Cervos Key PRP Concentration Yield


Blood is drawn by one of our PRP nurses and spun through an elaborate process, separating out the platelets for use exactly where you need them.

Secondly, we clean the skin. After cleansing, we use single-use sterile needles for the actual injection into the skin with an advanced mesogen device. A stamp-like precision is used to move needles to ensure maximum efficacy and comfort. The PRP injections release powerful growth factors that stimulate collagen production. 

Many people who have undergone the treatment before have reported that the procedure is painless and the initial blood draw may provide some discomfort. It is common for people to face a slight sensation of pain after the initial blood draw, but this is nothing more than any other needle prick.

  • Boosts collagen production

  • Diminished fine lines & wrinkles

  • Reduces the appearance of sun damage

  • Tightening and toning the overall skin

  • Decreasing the appearance of acne damage & scarring

  • Producing healthier skin

  • Brightening dark under-eye circles

  • Minimizing the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes

In the aftermath, you may experience mild bleeding and bruising as well as the appearance of a sunburn. 

For two to three days, your skin will be extra sensitive, so protect it from anything that might irritate it:

  • Your skin-care routine should consist of a gentle cleanser and a simple, hydrating moisturizer; don’t wash your face for at least six hours following your PRP treatment in order to fully reap the benefits.

  • Whenever possible, avoid direct sun exposure and apply sunscreen frequently. Physical sunblocks containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are less likely to irritate the skin. 

  • It’s best to stay makeup-free. Your skin has tiny holes, so any products applied could potentially penetrate it. 

  • You should avoid working up a sweat, as sweat contains bacteria that can easily irritate sensitive skin. 

Your skin may remain sensitive for a little longer than a week during the recovery process. 

The answer to that depends on what you want to achieve in your aesthetic or cosmetic treatments. For example, Botox is best for fine lines prevention, wrinkles treatment, dynamic wrinkles treatment, and treating other minor signs of aging.

However, PRP facial rejuvenation treatments are optimal for those wanting to increase collagen production and improve the overall quality of their skin health.

Injections of Botox relax and inhibit the nerves that cause dynamic wrinkles on your face, but PRP injections reactivate and restore your skin’s natural collagen, elastin, and other layers.

Some of our patients like to combine PRP facial treatments with Botox injections in the same treatment session. The two-in-one cocktail provides powerful anti-aging results.


In short, yes! However, the results can vary a lot from patient to patient since it uses your body’s natural healing abilities.

No, technically. However, if you complete the full treatment plan and follow the proper aftercare, you are likely to see results for up to three years after the treatment.

PRP can treat a variety of cosmetic problems, but it can also be enhanced by combining it with other treatments. The timing of combined treatments can vary from person to person. Fortunately, there is a combination of non-surgical procedures that can be completed with vampire facials to dramatically improve your appearance without taking on too much risk or needing an extended healing time.


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