Cutera Secret™ Pro Laser

With Cutera Secret PRO, you are offered four signature treatment options that are customized to meet your skin concerns and desired downtime. The procedures can be customized based on your skin concerns: whether you’re looking for rejuvenation to keep your skin looking younger or for a more corrective treatment to improve deeper skin issues. During your consult, we can go over all of the treatment options and decide which is best for your concerns.

LMC – Laser Medical Clinic is proud to offer Cutera Secret PRO, a skin revitalization treatment that uniquely combines two proven technologies – fractional CO2 and Secret RF Radio Frequency Microneedling – allowing us to safely and effectively treat every layer of your skin. 

The procedure options are ideal for skin revitalization concerns: improving scarring, wrinkles, and stretch marks while enhancing skin tone and texture. The Cutera Secret PRO takes neocollagenesis to the next level.

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Secret™ PRO Customized Treatments

Secret PRO features four unique treatment options for skin resurfacing and deep dermal remodeling, designed specifically to address your needs.

For those who desire a more aggressive treatment, this procedure uses eCO2 laser energy to target photodamage, uneven texture, scars and crepey skin. 

This treatment delivers dramatic results in a single treatment. Immediately after treatment: your skin will be red, feel hot as if you have a sunburn, and very sensitive to touch.

 Your LMC Provider will offer a topical skin care regimen following the treatment to improve your comfort and the healing process. 

The next day, you may be swollen, and you will notice a pattern forming over the treatment area from the microscopic perforations that will begin to scab and flake off over the next week. The exfoliation process typically lasts 3-7 days following treatment. Most patients see significant improvement after just one treatment.

This series of gentle, full-face, fractional CO2 micro peel treatments address the superficial layers of photodamaged skin and stimulates neocollagenesis for skin revitalization with minimal downtime. 

Secret PRO Ultra-light is a eCO2 gentle laser micro peel treatment that safely and effectively improves your skin tone and texture by gently resurfacing a thin outer layer of your skin. This treatment provides quality results that are tailored to your skin’s specific conditions. 

You’ll enjoy healthier-looking and refreshed skin. Secret PRO Ultra-Light helps promote healthy skin and provides improvements for many common skin concerns, such as: uneven skin tone, texture and overall complexion quality.

A series of customizable RF microneedling treatments to provide deep dermal remodeling. Energy is precisely delivered at varying depths to treat common skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, scars, acne scars, striae, pore reduction, and more. 

Typically, there is little downtime after the treatment. Your skin will have moderate redness after the treatment, which will subside significantly within a few hours. Your face will feel warm, like being in the sun, which also goes away within a few hours. You can expect to return to your normal activities immediately following your treatment. 

You may have some slight flushing the next day, which can be covered with makeup. Patients typically need 3-4 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart to achieve optimal results. Most patients report seeing improvement after the second treatment, but optimal results appear 3 months after the last treatment. 

Secret PRO Refine is an excellent treatment for patients with all skin tones. This treatment can improve the skin’s appearance on the face and body, all year long, with little to no downtime.

Get the ultimate treatment that layers RF and eCO2 laser energy in a single session. This procedure allows you to perform the ideal treatment for progressively damaged skin by increasing collagen and hyaluronic acid production to reverse the signs of aging. 

The amount of downtime depends on the skin conditions being treated.

Superficial procedures will only require a few days to heal, while deeper treatments may require a week. Your provider will discuss the needed healing time before the treatment. 1-3 treatments are usually required, and they have generally been performed 3-6 weeks apart. Your provider will discuss and determine your treatment plan during your initial consultation.

Enhance Secret PRO Results with Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) Application

Cutera Secret PRO's RF microneedling method provides the ideal conditions for the healing and growth effects of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The valuable growth factors in platelet-rich plasma stimulate the body's ability to grow cells and tissues. The PRP is delivered into the microneedling openings created during the Secret PRO RF microneedling process. This is where PRP can have one of the most powerful impacts on skin rejuvenation.

In addition to stimulating the skin's natural chemical processes, PRP growth factors continue to work for weeks after the Secret PRO procedure. Rather than sitting through two separate procedures, the LMC - Laser Medical Clinic Team can perform both treatments during a single office visit. You can expect even greater results when platelet-rich therapy is combined with Cutera Secret PRO.

Cutera Secret Pro Before & After

Cutera Secret™ PRO Before & After

Secret PRO - RF Microneddling F.A.Q

 For patients of all skin tones, the Secret PRO Refine treatment is an innovative RF microneedling treatment that provides fast and comfortable treatment for multiple skin concerns on the face and body.

This treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, stretch marks, acne scars, and other visible signs of aging. The treatment is ideal for revitalizing the skin on the face, neck, decollate, knees, and other parts of the body.

This CO2 gentle laser micro peel improves your skin’s tone and texture by gently resurfacing a thin outer layer of your skin. The treatment provides quality results that are tailored to your skin’s specific needs. The Secret PRO Ultra-Light helps promote healthy skin and provides results for many common skin concerns, such as uneven skin tone and texture.

With Secret PRO Revive, CO2 laser energy is combined with radio frequency micro needling to treat an incredible range of skin concerns simultaneously. CO2 lasers target the outermost layers of the skin, while RF energy penetrates the deeper dermal layers. By combining these two technologies, your treatment can be customized to maximize the results you desire.

Secret PRO Revive combines two technologies to treat a variety of conditions simultaneously. While fractional RF microneedling penetrates deeper into the skin, a fractional CO2 laser resurfaces the top layers of the skin to improve the skin’s tone and texture. Fine lines, wrinkles, scars, acne scars, stretch marks, skin texture, pore size, crepey skin, and sun-damaged skin can be improved with this combination treatment.

In most cases, the Secret PRO does not require much downtime depending on the type of treatment that your skin needs. Before starting the procedure, a numbing cream will be applied to the treatment area. Secret PRO treatment procedures are generally comfortable. Light pressure or a tingling sensation may occur as the device stimulates collagen production. Following the procedure, your skin may feel sensitive and swollen. These symptoms can be relieved with moisturizer ointment. Protect your skin and keep the results of your treatment for longer by using a moisturizer with SPF every day.

After just one Cutera Secret PRO treatment session you will begin to see the results. For many of the treatments, the best results will become visible around 3-4 months following the treatment. To get the best results, the treatment series range from 1-4 sessions, depending on your specific skin conditions and the type of Secret PRO treatment being conducted. To maintain these results, it’s generally recommended that you should undergo maintenance treatments every 12-18 months after completing your initial series of Secret PRO treatments.

The fractional scanning handpiece covers 20×20 mm area for fast treatment. Adjustable scan patterns are customizable to treatment needs.

Secret PRO’s RF microneedling 25-pin handpiece is ideal for treatments on the face or smaller, more delicate areas and can be used with non-insulated and semi-insulated needle tips for full treatment customization. 

Secret PRO’s RF microneedling 64-pin handpiece covers the largest treatment area on the body for faster, more efficient treatments. Ideal for treatments on the face, neck, chest, and body, the 64-pin handpiece features semi-insulated needles for precise placement of energy.

The smart surgical handpiece with adjustable multiple spot sized from 0.2mm to 1.3mm enables fast, clear and precise incisions and tissue coagulation to effectively treat superficial lesions, keratose, seborreiques.

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