Introducing Hair Metrix - Our Revolutionary
AI-Powered Scalp Analysis Service

Novel and Innovative Technology

The most accurate real-time hair analysis available in the industry is provided by this non-invasive, artificial intelligence device!

High-Resolution Trichoscopy Imaging

At 200X magnification, beautiful clinical images capture scalp issues, hair health and diameter as well as the number of hairs per centimeter.

No Hair Clipping Required

Real-time, fully automated analysis with no hair clipping required.

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The Future of Hair Health Is Here.

Hairmetrix Assessment Screen

Trichoscopy at LMC - Laser Medical Clinic: Our specialized trichoscopy services are at the forefront of hair loss diagnosis and treatment. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of trichoscopy, our expert team conducts a meticulous analysis of hair and scalp conditions. This non-invasive technique involves capturing detailed microscopic images of your scalp, allowing for an accurate assessment without the need for shaving or plucking.

Utilizing cutting-edge trichoscopic imaging software, which combines artificial intelligence with expert human analysis, we ensure precise diagnosis and effective monitoring of your hair loss treatment's progress.

Discover how trichoscopy at LMC can pinpoint the specific causes of your hair loss and guide the selection of the most suitable treatment options for you. You’ll leave the office with a detailed report of your hair health as well as a clear direction for future solutions.

Our Ideal Patients

At our clinic, we recognize the profound personal impact of hair loss and its effect on self-confidence. Our services are specifically tailored for those who are experiencing hair thinning but still have active hair follicles. 

We offer a range of solutions, welcoming individuals interested in exploring both surgical and nonsurgical methods of hair restoration. 

Commitment to the treatment process is key, and we seek patients who are dedicated to following our comprehensive pre and post-treatment care guidelines. 

Our ultimate aim is to not only restore your hair but also to help you regain your confidence and self-assurance.

Hairmetrix Print Report

In today’s world, we are accustomed to getting answers instantly, right? The best part of the HairMetrix process is the speed with which customized results can be generated and printed. With each follow-up appointment, we can compare reports to objectively track outcomes and discuss progress with you in real time.

HairMetrix uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms for instant analysis of unclipped hair, offering a wide range of insights, including:

Note for Images above: “Healthy hair” could be inferred from the “Terminal:Vellus Ratio,” which indicates the proportion of fully developed (terminal) hairs to finer, shorter (vellus) hairs. An increase in this ratio could signify an increase in healthy hair. “Hair density” can be directly related to “Follicular units per cm²,” which shows how many hair follicles are packed into a square centimeter of scalp. Here are the calculations based on the data: For “healthy hair” increase (Terminal:Vellus Ratio): Determine the initial and final ratios. Calculate the percentage increase with the formula: (Final value−Initial value / Initial value)×100%.  For “hair density” increase (Follicular units per cm²): Determine the initial and final follicular unit counts per cm². Calculate the percentage increase using the same formula as above.

Trichoscopy F.A.Q

How will the trichoscopy be performed?

We take great pride in offering you exceptional care with complete privacy. During your initial visit, you can look forward to a relaxing experience in a comfortable chair, where we utilize our advanced, noninvasive imaging system to thoroughly assess and evaluate your scalp and hair follicles.

Analyzing your hair with AI-driven trichoscopy

At LMC, our commitment to providing top-tier hair loss treatments is reflected in our investment in state-of-the-art trichoscopic imaging systems. Utilizing the innovative HairMetrix system, we craft personalized treatment strategies for our patients and meticulously monitor their progress. As the first AI-driven trichoscopy system, HairMetrix enables efficient, in-depth analysis, reducing the need for frequent office visits.

The trichoscopy examination is quick, comprehensive, and entirely comfortable. We employ a specialized dermatoscope to capture detailed images of the scalp, both panoramic and close-up. This process provides us with a wealth of detailed information about individual hair strands and follicles, including hair density, shaft diameter, volume, and distribution.


These detailed insights from the trichoscopy report equip our medical team with a deeper understanding of your unique hair condition, allowing for more precise tracking and effective treatment planning.

How should I prepare for my trichoscopy analysis?

Preparing for trichoscopy is straightforward with minimal requirements. However, we advise against using synthetic hair fibers prior to the procedure. Additionally, for those with grey hair, coloring it can enhance visibility and effectiveness during the examination.

Is the procedure painful?

Absolutely not. Trichoscopy is a completely noninvasive and gentle procedure. It involves microscopic imaging of the scalp and hair, requiring no shaving or plucking of hair.

Can hair loss be treated effectively?

Certainly. There are established treatments available for different types of hair loss. The effectiveness of these treatments largely depends on a comprehensive assessment, the severity of hair loss, and how well an individual responds to the selected treatment approach.

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