Introducing Hair Metrix - Our Revolutionary
AI-Powered Scalp Analysis Service

Novel and Innovative Technology

The most accurate real-time hair analysis available in the industry is provided by this non-invasive, artificial intelligence device!

High-Resolution Trichoscopy Imaging

At 200X magnification, beautiful clinical images capture sebrum and scalp issues, hair health and diameter as well as the number of hairs per centimeter.

No Hair Clipping Required

Real-time, fully automated analysis with no hair clipping required.

Hairmetrix Cropped Action Shot On Blue

The Future of Hair Health
Is Here.

Hairmetrix Assessment Screen

Now, our PRP hair restoration clients will be able to track their scalp and hair health at each session. Your nurse will be able to discuss your results immediately and you’ll leave the office with a detailed report of your hair health as well as a clear direction for future solutions.

Hairmetrix Print Report

In today’s world, we are accustomed to getting answers instantly, right? The best part of the HairMetrix process is the speed with which customized results can be generated and printed. With each follow-up appointment, we can compare reports to objectively track outcomes and discuss progress with you in real time.

If you haven't used our hair restoration services before but are interested in receiving a complimentary hair restoration consult with AI-driven trichoscopy, please fill out the form below.

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