Pink Intimate System - Whitening And Rejuvenation

Female Rejuvenation and Whitening, Underarms Whitening

Pink Intimate System (Rejuvenation And Whitening) Pricing

Pink Intimate System (6 Sessions)


Pink Intimate System (8 Sessions)


What is the Pink Intimate System?

Female Rejuvenation And Whitening

The pink intimate system is an ideal solution for rejuvenation revitalization treatments for both men and women.

Pink Genital Rejuvenation Mesotherapy Cocktail

  • Non-Invasive Treatment
  • Mesotherapy
  • No Downtime
  • Painless
  • FDA & Health Canada Approved

A Delicate Mixture Containing Lifting, Whitening, Peeling and Tightening Components:

Kojic Acid

An ingredient extracted from fermented rice grains that whitens the skin.


Intended for sensitive skin. Soothes and calms skin irritation.

Modulated Chlorotic Acid with Urea Peroxide

Increases skin permeability, allowing for more effective absorption for whitening and tightening.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract

For anti-inflammation.


Promotes collagen release at the dermal level.


For improving skin quality and texture and has a light exfoliation and whitening action.


An effective whitening agent with strong antioxidants.

Rucinol c B-resorcinol

Synthetic molecule capable of eliminating hyperpigmentation reducing the production of melanin.

Vitamin B12

 Reduces redness, dryness and helps increase cell production of the skin.

Pink intimate System F.A.Q

What areas can be treated?
  • Nipples
  • Inguinal Area
  • Labia (vulva)
  • Underarm/Armpit
  • Elbows and knees
  • Bikini area
  • Inner thighs
  • Neck
Am I a good candidate for the pink intimate system?

If concerns about hyperpigmentation  or skin laxity in intimate areas are affecting your sense of comfort and confidence, the Pink Intimate System might be a suitable solution for you. It’s important to pursue this treatment based on your personal desires and needs, rather than external pressures or influences.

In a consultation, our skilled professionals will assess your specific concerns and help you determine if the Pink Intimate System is the appropriate treatment for you. They will provide expert guidance tailored to your individual needs, ensuring that the treatment aligns with your personal health and aesthetic goals.




How do I prepare for treatment?

For optimal results from your upcoming treatment, it’s essential to avoid shaving, applying hair removal products, or using exfoliating products or devices for three days prior. On the day of your treatment, please gently wash the areas that will be treated before your office visit. This preparation is crucial for the effectiveness and safety of the treatment.



Is the Pink Intimate System considered a safe option?

When administered by a qualified and experienced professional, the Pink Intimate System is regarded as very safe. Its ingredients are designed to penetrate the skin effectively without harming the outer layer or adjacent tissues. However, there is a possibility of skin irritation, so our team will carefully assess the treatment area before each session to ensure safety and suitability.

What can I expect during treatment?

The procedure itself will take approximately 30 minutes, without any downtime, or pain. Intimate lightening system can be analogous to chemical peel on the face. You will see an immediate improvement after the first session! However, you will likely need to have a minimum of 6 sessions for the desired result – depending on how dark the area is compared to your natural skin tone. 

To achieve the desired result, the treatment should be repeated for 5-6 sessions by the weekly interval. However, the needed treatment sessions vary by skin type and the level of the skin darkness.

The recommended interval between Pink Intimate System treatment sessions is between 7-10 days.

What are the indications for this treatment?
  • Rejuvenation of genital & perianal laxity
  • Normalization of tonicity
  • Regeneration of clitoral involution
  • Atraumatic revitalization of vulvar aging
  • Inguinal area whitening
  • Whitening of mons pubis & labia majora
  • Whitening of nipples & armpits

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