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UltraShape Power (3 sessions)

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None required.

Reduction in Subcutaneous Fat

Significant 32% fat reduction in subcutaneous fat layer thickness

Customized Ultrasound Delivery

Define and customized treatment area to the unique needs of each patient.

Zero Downtime

Back to work immediately.

FDA and Health Canada cleared for circumference reduction in the abdomen and fat reduction in the flanks (love handles) and thighs.

POWER UP Your Fat Destruction Results - Powerful reduction in fat layer thickness: 

  • Effectively treat small and large body areas 
  • Safe and effective on patients who have BMIs higher than 28 


High-powered, focused, pulsed ultrasound system for fat cell destruction, UltraShape® Power provides patients with an unparalleled treatment experience with absolutely no downtime. Treatments are virtually painless and leave  our patients free of any unwanted visible side effects. Best of all, there is no need for cooling during treatment or post treatment procedures.  

With no pre-sized applicators, UltraShape Power’s freestyle treatment technique provides maximum treatment flexibility. No pre-sized applicators also mean aesthetically smooth outcomes with no shelving or lines of demarcation. 

UltraShape Power provides excellent treatment area coverage. Freestyle treatments allow complete control over defining the treatment area without being limited by the size of an applicator. UltraShape Power can be safely used over tattoos of all colour. 

The UltraShape Power experience is virtually painless, with no analgesics or cooling needed before, during or after the procedure. There is no downtime; no needles, no incision, no bruising and no unwanted visible side effects. 

UltraShape Power is a form of laser fat removal which uses pulsed ultrasound technology in order to target fat deposits in a treatment area.  Through the use of highly focused sonic waves, UltraShape Power leaves surrounding tissue unaffected and provides desired body contouring for the client. Studies have found UltraShape Power to reduce abdominal fat layer thickness by up to an astonishing 32% after only three treatments. UltraShape Power contains an USculpt transducer, which delivers 50% more energy than its predecessor. The transducer provides higher acoustic energy deployment, allowing the precise targeting of fat cells with minimal increase in tissue temperature.

Fast Facts about UltraShape Power​

UltraShape Power Fat Destruction Before & After

UltraShape Power F.A.Q

How Does UltraShape Power Work?​

Using powerful energy, UltraShape Power targets fat cells and destroys 32% of fat instantly and permanently, with results visible within two weeks. Ultrashape Power is able to target the fat cells, without heating or damaging the surrounding tissue. Once the fat cells are targeted, the content of the cells are transported through the vascular and lymphatic systems to the liver where the fat is then processed and removed via the body’s natural mechanisms.

When Will I see results?

Results should become detectable in as few as two weeks! A combination of continued treatments, proper diet, exercise, consistent use of a waist trainer and increasing water intake will provide the clients with faster, more effective results. Overall, clinical results show the average reduction of 1.3 inches on a targeted area and nearly 2.5 inches after 3 treatments.

This treatment is also best paired with our VelaShape III skin tightening to help tighten the skin after volume loss.

What does the UltraShape power procedure require and what is the downtime?

Since UltraShape Power does not require any surgery, heat or cold, it is completely painless. The client is not subjected to any incisions or injections, so there is no recovery period and can immediately return to their daily routine.

Is UltraShape Power Safe For Me?​

Since UltraShape Power does not require any surgery, heat or cold, it is completely painless. The client is not subjected to any incisions or injections, so there is no recovery period and can immediately return to their daily routine.

What body areas can be treated with UltraShape Power?

Most frequently, the following areas are treated with UltraShape Power:

  • Flanks (love handles)
  • Hips
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs 
What are the risks associated with UltraShape Power treatment?

Currently, there are no known risks for using UltraShape Power. Possibility of mild, temporary skin irritation can occur but commonly heals within a few days. 

How do I prepare for treatment?

72 hours before and after treatment:

  • Avoid consuming alcohol: Avoiding alcohol aids your liver in effectively processing the  treated fat cells.
  • Drink lots of water: Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water will help the body metabolize damaged cells through the lymphatic system
  • Refrain from taking supplements that can increase the risk of bruising: Avoid the following supplemets – fish oil, omega-3 fatty acids, garlic, ginkgo biloba, and St. John’s wort. Please be sure to tell your UltraShape Power provider about your current medications and over-the-counter (OTC) supplements.
  • Avoid sunburns: A hand-held transducer is used to apply gentle pulses inside the defined treatment area. Prior to your treatment, avoid excessive sun exposure that may lead to sunburn, which makes the skin sensitive to the pulses.
  • For men only: Prior to your UltraShape Power appointment, please ensure that you shave your abdomen and/or love handles to reduce body hair as this may impact your treatment.

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