PRP Hair Treatment: Costs, Procedure, Success Rate

Platelet-rich-plasma therapy (PRP) aka liquid gold aka the kardashian-approved vampire facial has been gaining an increasing widespread demand for hair loss. In fact, PRP treatment is considered the top non-surgical method for treating female and male patterned hair loss, hair thinning or receding hairlines. In this article, we will be reviewing the in’s and out’s of a PRP treatment procedure for hair restoration, the expected cost associated with the procedure and success outcomes! Let’s get down to it…  


PRP Treatment is considered the top method in part because it has so many benefits. Let’s discuss:

    • No downtime and non-invasive: This one’s huge. You’ll be able to resume your lifestyle habits almost immediately after leaving our practice 
    • Relatively cost effective: PRP is considered to be quite cost-effective when compared to other treatment methods that provide subpar results and usually involve nasty chemicals.
    • Minimal discomfort: the treatment itself has been rated as a 1 out of 10 on the pain factor, with some clients even accidentally falling asleep during the procedure
    • 100% natural and therapeutic: There are absolutely zero pharmaceutical Frankenstein chemicals, strong acids or synthetic plumping agents involved in the PRP therapy process. Since PRP basically uses your own blood’s growth factors, there’s no chance that your body will have an adverse reaction to it. 
    • Long-lasting results: satisfaction has been reported to last for more than one year after only one or two PRP treatment sessions. Additionally, facial PRP injections have been shown to last longer than most other fillers, lasting a duration of 18 months or more. 
  • Check out some of our Harvest® PRP Client Testimonial Videos below:


PRP Hair Loss Therapy Cost In Ontario

The average cost of PRP hair loss treatment in Ontario ranges between $500-$2000 per session across several medical clinics. At LMC, the price will depend on which PRP you decide to purchase. We carry two PRP kits: RegenLab and Harvest®. 


What’s the difference between Harvest® & RegenLab? Harvest® is considered to be the most advanced PRP available on the market, with up to TWENTY times as much PRP as 12 other PRP technologies.


The in’s and out’s of PRP Hair Loss Therapy


  • Collection Of Blood Sample: The first step of the procedure is taking either 30ml or 60ml of your blood, depending on which PRP option you decide to go with. Just for some perspective: when we donate blood, the standard is 500ml!
  • Separation Of Platelets from Other Components of Blood: We use a double spin centrifuge technique method in order to separate the platelets from the other blood components. The double spin method ensures an optimal concentration of platelets that are abundant in valuable essential growth factors.
  • Insertion Of PRP Into Affected Area with Multi-Layer, Micro-Droplet Injections:
    We inject the PRP extracted safely into the affected areas on the scalp with the use of U225 mesogun. Our U225 mesogun allows tiny droplets of PRP to be delivered into the treatment area at an accelerated pace with controlled depth, volume, and great precision. PLUS BIG BONUS: Using a mesogun allows us to omit the use of numbing cream (which can impact the end result), and it allows the procedure to be virtually painless.  We have even had clients doze off during treatment! Additionally, using a mesogun = virtually no bruising. 
The U225 mesogun in all it’s glory!


  1. Success Rate:  There has been an increasing number of studies published supporting PRP therapy as one of the most successful and effective non-surgical methods to treat hair loss without major side effects. PRP Therapy has been shown to be highly effective in treating both thinning hair and pattern baldness in both men and women predisposed to genetic conditions. The final results of a treatment can be expected to be seen after. 3-8 months. However, the response to this treatment is individualized with a broad spectrum of effectiveness. It does not work in all cases and patients are monitored throughout the regimen in order to assess the benefits of therapy.

The ideal PRP hair restoration candidate is one who:

    • Begins treatment at the first signs of hair thinning (still in the early stages of hair loss)
    • Has no immunocompromised health conditions (such as cancer, HIV/AIDS)
    • Has thinning hair in an area where hair follicles are still functioning
    • Doesn’t have dermatological diseases or chronic skin infections


Hair Restoration Surgical Method (FUT/FUE/Traditional/Etc.) PRP Hair Restoration Therapy
Analogy: Planting new seeds  “Fertilizing” your existing seeds
  • Time consuming and tedious work; one session typically lasts several hours
  • Requires incisions
  • Administration of anesthesia 
  • Takes under 45 minutes to do 
  • No incisions 
  • No anesthesia required
Results: Repositioning of existing hair. Requires PRP therapy in order to maintain hair density. Supports existing follicles and encourages the growth of new hair.
Downtime: Weeks to months of downtime is required Zero downtime is required.
Costs: Anywhere between $5,000 and sometimes up to $40,000 depending on the practice you choose. $500 to $3,500 for the first three treatments with the need for maintenance treatments every 6 to 12 months.


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