11 Benefits Of Powerful GentleMax Pro Plus

11 Benefits of Candela GentleMax Pro Plus Laser Hair Removal in Canada

Gentle Max Pro Plus Laser Hair Removal Benefits

The gold standard Candela GentleMax Pro Plus is available at LMC – Laser Medical Clinic - one of the only providers in Toronto with this state-of-the-art device released in 2022.

Gentlemax Pro Plus Laser Hair Removal

The GentleMax Pro Plus laser device is made by Candela, a leader in laser technology. Among the best innovations in laser hair removal, the alexandrite laser is equipped with adjustable laser settings and a patented Dynamic Cooling Device for improved patient comfort. 

In the pursuit of smooth, hair-free skin, Candela GentleMax Pro Plus laser hair removal has emerged as a game-changing solution in Canada and the world. This advanced technology is the #1 dermatologist-recommended technology for laser hair removal and has garnered immense popularity for its precision and efficacy in removing unwanted hair. In this comprehensive blog post, we will explore 11 outstanding benefits of the Candela GentleMax Pro Plus for laser hair removal and why it has become the go-to choice for seeking flawless skin and enhanced confidence.

1. Precise and Effective Hair Removal

Released in 2022, 13 years after the loved GentleMax Pro, the Candela GentleMax Pro Plus boasts state-of-the-art laser technology that targets unwanted hair with unparalleled precision. Its dual-wavelength platform can be tailored to suit various skin types and hair colors, ensuring exceptional results for individuals across the diverse spectrum of Canadian skin tones. Whether you have fair or dark skin, this laser system can be customized to meet your unique needs, guaranteeing optimal hair removal outcomes.

2. Versatility in Treating Multiple Body Areas

Let go of the hassle of using different hair removal methods for different areas of the body. Candela GentleMax Pro Plus offers remarkable versatility, making it suitable for treating multiple body regions. From larger areas like legs, arms, and back to more delicate regions such as the face, underarms, and bikini line, this laser system caters to both men and women, ensuring comprehensive hair removal coverage.

3. Quick and Efficient Treatment Sessions

In our fast-paced lives, time is a precious commodity. Candela GentleMax Pro Plus acknowledges this need for efficiency and delivers reduced treatment times compared to traditional hair removal methods. The GentleMax Pro Plus is about 20% time faster than it’s predecessor, the GentleMax Pro. Its optimized pulse duration enables quicker and more efficient treatment sessions, making it easy to fit hair removal appointments into your busy schedule without disruption.


4. Long-lasting Results for Hair-Free Confidence:

One of the most remarkable advantages of Candela GentleMax Pro Plus laser hair removal is its ability to deliver long-lasting results. By targeting hair follicles, the laser inhibits future hair growth, leading to a substantial reduction in hair regrowth after completing the recommended number of sessions. Experience the freedom of smooth and hair-free skin for an extended period, eliminating the need for constant maintenance and temporary hair removal solutions.


5. Safe and FDA-Approved and Health Canada Approved Technology:

Safety is a paramount concern in any cosmetic procedure, and the Candela GentleMax Pro Plus ensures your well-being. In Canada, this laser system is FDA-approved for hair removal treatments, providing you with the assurance that you are receiving a safe and reliable procedure. Trust certified professionals in Canada to use this regulated technology for your hair removal needs.

6. Boosted Confidence and Self-esteem:

Candela GentleMax Pro Plus laser hair removal offers a significant boost in confidence and self-esteem. Say goodbye to any self-consciousness about unwanted hair and embrace the freedom to feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin. With smoother and hair-free skin, you’ll feel more confident in social and professional settings, ultimately enhancing your overall quality of life.


Watch the clip below to hear about how laser hair removal improved our client’s quality of life!


7. Suitable for Various Skin Types and Hair Colors:

Candela GentleMax Pro Plus laser hair removal is renowned for its adaptability, making it suitable for a wide range of skin types and hair colours. Unlike some traditional hair removal methods that may be less effective on darker or lighter skin tones, this advanced technology can be fine-tuned to cater to diverse individuals with varying hair colours and skin complexities. Whether you have dark, coarse hair or lighter, finer hair, Candela GentleMax Pro Plus can effectively target and remove unwanted hair, providing consistent and satisfying results for all. GentleMax Pro Hair Removal Social 1080x1080 023

8. Minimal Downtime and Quick Recovery:

After a Candela GentleMax Pro Plus laser hair removal session, most individuals experience minimal to no downtime and enjoy a quick recovery. Unlike some more invasive cosmetic procedures, the non-invasive nature of this treatment allows you to resume your daily activities almost immediately. While some individuals may experience slight redness or mild sensitivity after their laser hair removal session, these symptoms typically subsides within a few hours. Enjoy the convenience of a virtually painless procedure that fits so seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

9. Reduced Ingrown Hairs and Skin Irritation:

Ingrown hairs and skin irritation are common issues associated with traditional hair removal methods like shaving and waxing. With Candela GentleMax Pro Plus, these problems become a thing of the past. By targeting hair follicles directly, the laser reduces the occurrence of ingrown hairs and minimizes skin irritation, providing a smoother and more comfortable experience. Say goodbye to the frustration of dealing with ingrown hairs and hello to a silky-smooth, irritation-free skin surface.

10. Comfortable Experience with Minimal Discomfort

Worried about discomfort during the hair removal process? Candela GentleMax Pro Plus addresses this concern with its integrated cooling system that soothes the skin during treatment. This cooling mechanism minimizes discomfort and reduces the risk of skin irritation, providing a comfortable and gentle experience, unlike the discomfort associated with traditional hair removal techniques.


11. Customizable Treatment Plans:

Each individual’s hair removal needs are unique, and Candela GentleMax Pro Plus recognizes this. Certified professionals can create personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific requirements and desired outcomes. Whether you need multiple sessions for extensive hair removal or targeted treatments for specific areas, the laser’s customizable approach ensures that you receive the most effective and efficient treatment possible.


Candela GentleMax Pro Plus laser hair removal is a transformative solution for achieving silky-smooth skin. With its precision, versatility, and long-lasting results, it has become the preferred choice for countless individuals seeking effective and convenient hair removal that works. Embrace the outstanding benefits of Candela GentleMax Pro Plus and experience the joy of having flawless skin and enhanced overall confidence. Consult our certified professionals today to explore how this cutting-edge laser technology can revolutionize your hair removal experience, giving you the radiant and hair-free skin you have always deserved.

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