Velashape III For Effective Toning & Tightening The Stomach

Candela’s Velashape III for Toning & Tightening the Stomach

Candela Velashape Iii Toning Tightening Stomach

One of the most cutting-edge technologies with FDA clearance and Health Canada approval for circumferential fat reduction and cellulite reduction is the much-loved and adored VelaShape III. This cellulite therapy employs four different and powerful modalities:

·   Infrared light – heats the fatty area, loosening the fat and stimulating the production of collagen

·   Bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy – works effectively to shrink unwanted fat cells

·   Massage – powerfully loosens the connective bands that yield unwanted cellulite

·   Gentle Suction – pulls the fatty areas closer to the surface of the skin so that the fatty areas can receive the treatment from the infrared and RF energy. In conjunction with the massage, the suction draws the skin closer to the handheld device’s energy source, which helps to loosen and stretch the tight fibrous bands beneath the skin that are responsible for the bumpy texture and dimples associated with cellulite.

What can I expect during my treatment?

The majority of patients say VelaShape III is relaxing and that it feels like a warm deep-tissue massage. Therapy parameters can be easily changed to make sure patients are comfortable during therapy to ease this discomfort, the technician performing the service will always be in communication with you to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

Special treatment cream is also applied to the skin to ensure the handpiece glides smoothly and heat is tolerated better. Following treatment, it’s typical to feel warm in the treatment area for a few hours and the skin may appear red.

What is the downtime for a Velashape III treatment with LMC – Laser Medical Clinic?

There is no downtime with Velashape III. We have clients who come to us on their lunch break and return to work afterwards without anyone knowing they had anything done.

How many treatments are required & when can you expect to see results?

Cellulite and skin elasticity have experienced considerable improvement with a course of 5–6 treatments spaced 7–14 days apart. Keep in mind that cellulite cannot be permanently removed; subsequent treatments will be necessary to preserve the effects. Final results from the treatment. After completing a complete treatment series, the majority of patients notice their best effects six to eight weeks later.

This is a before and after photo of one of our lovely clients after only 4 treatments of Velashape III on the stomach. The client has two treatments left in her package so she will continue to see results.


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