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Key Prp Hair Growth

Unlock Your Hair's Potential with Cervos KeyPRP: Elevating Platelet Concentration for Enhanced PRP Therapy Results!

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy has emerged as a pivotal tool in regenerative medicine, holding promise for enhanced healing and tissue rejuvenation. Central to the efficacy of PRP treatments is the concentration of platelets within the sample. This article explores the pioneering Cervos KeyPRP system, a proprietary platelet-capture technology developed by leaders in regenerative medicine, and its role in achieving maximum results.

Up to 25x Baseline Platelet Concentration

Before discussing the significance of achieving up to 25X above baseline platelet concentration, it’s crucial to comprehend the concept of baseline platelet concentration, which represents the typical platelet levels in an individual’s bloodstream under normal conditions.

An increase of “Up to 25X above baseline platelet concentration” signifies a substantial elevation in platelet levels within a PRP sample, specifically up to twenty five times higher than the baseline count. For instance, if the baseline platelet count is 100,000 platelets/μL, reaching 25X above baseline would result in a concentration of  2,500,000 platelets/μL in the PRP sample.

Growth Factor Analysis

The Significance of Elevated Platelet Concentration in PRP Hair Treatment

Elevated platelet concentration plays a critical role in PRP hair treatment by providing a rich source of growth factors essential for stimulating hair growth and thickness, accelerating tissue regeneration, and improving the healing process.



Enhanced Availability of Growth Factors

In PRP hair therapy, the heightened concentration of platelets offers a remarkable opportunity for the augmented availability of growth factors. These growth factors, which are abundantly present in PRP, serve as crucial catalysts in facilitating various essential processes within the body. They play pivotal roles in promoting cell growth, stimulating cell multiplication, and initiating tissue rejuvenation.


Specifically within the realm of PRP hair treatment, the presence of these growth factors assumes even greater significance. They serve as potent stimulants for dormant hair follicles, effectively awakening them from their inactive state. By doing so, these growth factors promote hair regrowth and contribute to the enhancement of hair thickness, thereby addressing concerns related to hair loss and thinning.


In essence, the enriched concentration of growth factors in PRP therapy not only fosters cellular regeneration and tissue rejuvenation but also plays a vital role in revitalizing hair follicles, ultimately leading to the restoration and enhancement of hair volume and thickness.

Accelerated Tissue Generation with Cervos keyPRP

Cervos Key Prp

The heightened concentration of platelets within PRP hair therapy is closely linked to accelerated tissue regeneration, a crucial aspect of the healing process. This accelerated regeneration holds particular significance for individuals grappling with hair loss, as it plays a pivotal role in the restoration and rejuvenation of hair follicles.


When applied in PRP hair treatment, this heightened platelet concentration acts as a potent catalyst for tissue repair and regeneration within the scalp. By stimulating the regenerative processes at the cellular level, PRP encourages the revitalization of dormant or weakened hair follicles, thereby promoting hair regrowth and improving hair density.


Moreover, the enriched concentration of platelets in PRP serves to enhance the delivery of essential growth factors and cytokines to the scalp tissues. These bioactive substances play key roles in signaling cellular repair mechanisms, promoting angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels), and fostering a conducive environment for robust hair follicle function.

Improved Healing Process

In PRP hair treatment, the heightened platelet concentration, especially with Cervos Key PRP, plays a pivotal role in enhancing the healing process following injections. This elevated platelet concentration accelerates tissue repair and regeneration at the injection sites, leading to notable improvements in the overall healing experience for patients undergoing hair restoration procedures.


The presence of an enriched concentration of platelets, particularly with Cervos Key PRP, fosters a more efficient healing response within the scalp tissues. Platelets are rich sources of growth factors and cytokines, which are essential for promoting tissue repair, reducing inflammation, and stimulating cellular proliferation.


As a result, patients receiving PRP hair treatment, especially with Cervos Key PRP, often experience minimal discomfort and shorter recovery times compared to conventional treatments. The accelerated healing process facilitated by the heightened platelet concentration allows patients to resume their daily activities sooner, with reduced downtime and improved overall comfort levels.

Tailored Treatment

PRP therapy allows for customization of platelet concentration based on individual requirements, extent of hair loss, and treatment objectives, providing tailored solutions for patients.


KeyPRP introduces a revolutionary approach to PRP therapy by offering precise control over platelet-rich plasma composition, ensuring optimal platelet concentration and composition for enhanced efficacy in tissue regeneration and healing.

Optimizing the Cellular Composition of PRP Solution

KeyPRP’s proprietary platelet-collection surface concentrates platelets and optimizes the cellular composition of the PRP solution, offering platelet concentrations up to 25 times the baseline for remarkable tissue regeneration and healing potential.


Hematocrit Control: PRP Without RBCs and WBCs

KeyPRP enables control over hematocrit levels, effectively reducing the presence of red and white blood cells in PRP preparations, resulting in highly concentrated PRP with minimal hematocrit content.



Clinical Data: KeyPRP vs. Conventional Systems

KeyPRP sets a new standard in PRP therapy by surpassing conventional systems in achieving optimal platelet concentration and cellular composition, offering unparalleled efficacy in tissue regeneration and healing.



Hair Metrix

Track Your Hair Progress with the Most Accurate Trichoscopy System in the Industry at LMC

At LMC – Laser Medical Clinic, we offer complimentary cutting-edge trichoscopy services to assess and monitor hair loss, ensuring precision in diagnosis and treatment. 

Our trichoscopic analysis involves capturing detailed microscopic images of the scalp, providing accurate insights without the need for invasive procedures like shaving or plucking.


With advanced trichoscopic imaging software, integrating artificial intelligence with expert analysis, we deliver precise diagnoses and monitor the progress of hair loss treatments effectively.


With HairMetrix, we provide instant, customized reports, allowing us to track progress and discuss outcomes with you in real time during follow-up appointments. Using state-of-the-art AI algorithms, HairMetrix analyzes unclipped hair to provide insights such as hair count per square centimeter, terminal to vellus hair ratio, average hair width, and follicle count per square centimeter, empowering informed decision-making and personalized treatment plans.


Conclusion: Elevating PRP with Cervos key PRP

KeyPRP stands as a pioneering breakthrough in regenerative medicine, empowering both clinicians and patients with unprecedented control over PRP composition and concentration. As the landscape of research and technology in this field continues to evolve, KeyPRP remains at the vanguard of innovation, heralding a future of enhanced healing, tissue regeneration, and transformative medical care.


Following a decade of rigorous exploration and practical application in PRP therapy, LMC – Laser Medical Clinic has meticulously assessed various PRP brands and concentration levels. Through our extensive journey, we have discerned Cervos Key PRP as the epitome of excellence in promoting hair growth, rejuvenation, and broader therapeutic benefits.


At LMC, we take immense pride in providing our clients with a comprehensive array of options, including both traditional PRP treatments and the advanced Cervos Key PRP System. Your individual needs, aspirations, and financial considerations serve as guiding principles in determining the optimal approach for you.


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