3 Breakthrough Vampire Facial Need To Knows

3 Vampire Facial Need to Knows: the results, costs and side effects

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The financial cost of PRP vampire facial treatment in Toronto is frequently cited as the #1 reason why many people overlook the many advantages that come with PRP facials. However, the treatment is not as expensive as most people imagine.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or Vampire Facelift is an incredibly effective tissue treatment that works using a small vial of the patient’s blood. Since blood is composed of red cells, white cells, and platelets, platelets are isolated for plasma collection.

Platelets contain a rich concentration of powerful plasma-derived growth factors that help stimulate new, and healthy tissue growth. Also, because the treatment uses your blood as it’s main product, there is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction. 

Furthermore, PRP therapy is completely safe and natural, since it does not require foreign substances to be injected into your body.

Platelets are the cells in the blood that help tissue heal and grow new cells. The Platelet Rich Plasma procedure activates the stem cells that lie dormant in the skin on the face through certain growth factors found in the platelets. 

When injected into specific areas of the skin, it promotes collagen growth, regenerates tissue, and thus acts to naturally smooth and tighten the skin. In this way, PRP softens wrinkles and creates a smoother skin texture and tone.

PRP can only be carried out with Plasma. Plasma contains a high concentration of platelets, stem cells and growth factors. PRP facials enhance skin rejuvenation by generating collagen synthesis and triggering the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts (Mijiritsky et al., 2021). 

This helps the skin heal faster by boosting cell regeneration and providing a firmer, more youthful complexion. PRP facials are becoming increasingly popular due to their proven results.

Platelets help your tissue heal and grow new cells. PRP therapy has been used successfully for decades in sports medicine, reconstructive surgery, dentistry, and orthopedic medicine to help speed recovery. In recent years, PRP has been used on the face or body as a skin rejuvenation therapy to improve the appearance of the skin.

PRP is also beneficial as a hair restoration therapy, as the growth factors in the PRP will naturally stimulate hair growth. These growth factors can stimulate inactive or newly implanted hair follicles into an active growth phase. This means that PRP can jump-start the hair restoration process, leading to thicker, fuller hair.

 The cost of PRP facials in Toronto is worth it. This treatment is a quick, non-invasive treatment that offers you beautiful results. You might be wondering how much a vampire facial in Toronto costs? In this article, we cover everything you need to know about PRP vampire facial costs in Toronto. 

What are vampire facials?

With its seemingly limitless applications, PRP therapy has opened up a plethora of cosmetic and wellness possibilities. The treatment can be used to reverse the effects of aging, hair loss, and acne, as well as to treat a variety of sporting injuries with PRP injections.

By literally drawing your blood (thus the name vampire), PRP skin treatment uses platelets to increase collagen and blood factors. Platelets are then used to promote collagen and blood factors. Our blood contains platelets, which produce collagen, elastin, and regeneration cells in order to heal damaged tissue (skin).

Oftentimes, PRP is applied topically with microneedling to enhance penetration into the skin, or injected into the skin as dermal fillers (also called vampire facial injections).


Vampire Facial - PRP Components

Vampire facials are one of the most versatile and innovative therapies available these days since they can address a variety of skin concerns. 

Multiple skin issues can be addressed with three to four vampire facials. These include: 

  • breakouts and congestion
  • photodamage
  • skin texture
  •  acne scarring
  • dull and lifeless-looking skin
  • dark under-eye circles
  • discoloration
  • sun damage
  • fine lines
  • wrinkles

In fact, a randomized clinical trial found PRP injections to be effective for skin rejuvenation, especially for improvements of textured photoaged skin (Alam et al., 2018).

 Any person over the age of 30 should get a vampire facial at least once a year, and anyone over the age of 40 should get a vampire facial twice a year.

What are the results of vampire facials?

In terms of the vampire facial results, PRP operates to improve the overall tone, texture and luminosity of the skin. Moreover, PRP reduces the size of your pores and promotes wrinkle-free skin around your eyes. In fact, a 2021 study found that PRP facial injections had the best effects on wrinkle reduction and under-eye dark circle treatment (Banihashemi et al., 2021). 

In search of an innovative and effective facial treatment, consider a vampire facial. Technically known as PRP facials, this treatment uses blood as its basis.

While vampire facials can look frightening, the procedure is nothing more than a cosmetic procedure based on blood. It has been widely used as an accepted treatment option for skin suffering from burns and wounds for nearly 20 years, but it is now a widely available popular beauty procedure.

The correct medical term for this type of procedure is actually PRP Treatment, which has been popularly known in the media and popular culture as “the vampire facial,” “the plasma facial” or “the plasma vampire facial.”

A PRP vampire facial treatment is especially suitable for the following skin conditions:

  • A tired and dry complexion
  • lax skin
  • uneven pigmentation.
  • Age-related changes in the skin.
  • The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Improvements to texture and tone in general.
  • Hair thinning or alopecia in males and women
  • Stimulates collagen growth and natural skin regrowth and renewal.
  • Those who want an entirely natural treatment that only uses the body’s own healing process.
  • Healthier skin also looks healthier.

The PRP vampire facial treatment improves the tone and texture of your skin regardless of your skin type. As well as increasing hydration, the procedure also reduces redness and discoloration, resulting in a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, and improves skin laxity. The treatment also boosts collagen production, leading to a more youthful and glowing complexion. 

Most people can benefit from PRP. It is best to consult your PRP nurse first, so that they can determine whether PRP is right for you. It is an autologous procedure, which means that only your cells are injected into your skin. 

Our U225 mesogun allows us to apply the PRP with precision and speed, allowing us to not use numbing creams. This is advantageous as numbing creams can impair blood circulation, which can hurt final results of PRP facials.

Women and men who suffer from pattern hair loss can both benefit from the procedure since it can encourage small hair follicles to grow larger and stronger.

When will you see the results?

In PRP skin rejuvenation, the goal is to improve the tone and texture of the skin, tighten the skin, and soften lines and pores. Results begin to become visible one (1) to two (2) weeks after the treatment session and continue to improve as time goes by.

You can expect to see the benefits of PRP facial rejuvenation in about one (1) to two (2) weeks after the treatment. Results are gradual, and the skin will continue to improve as the process of renewal can go on for up to a month after the procedure. For best results, we recommend three (3) to four (4) sessions, four (4) weeks apart. 

However, it is important to note that results may vary depending on individual skin type and condition. We also recommend that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and regular skin care regimen in order to maintain the results of the procedure.

PRP treatment results can vary depending on your body’s metabolism as well as other individual factors. For some, the results of PRP facials can last up to 18 months after a course of treatments. PRP touch up treatments can easily maintain your PRP facial results. You can easily visit our PRP clinic for a consultation to see if you are a suitable candidate for PRP facials.

Why do you need vampire facials?

Getting your skin to produce more collagen is the purpose of the treatment. The benefits of increased collagen production are numerous. PRP therapy is often used to treat dull skin, wrinkled or sagging skin under the eyes. Furthermore, PRP reduces the appearance of stubborn stretch marks and cellulite as well as achieves a youthful glow.

PRP Vampire facial cost in Toronto

Vampire facial treatments in Toronto tend to cost around $1,000 on average. One of the main expenses associated with this process is the cost of the PRP process, which usually costs about $600. A PRP therapy treatment costs around $400, which includes the extraction and application of your blood. 

At LMC – Laser Medical Clinic, we specialize in PRP therapy. In fact, we have been performing PRP for over a decade and are the largest providers PRP in Canada of some of the most advanced Health Canada approved PRP technologies at some of the most competitive prices. For example, we offer the highly popular RegenLab PRP kit for vampire facials for only $500 per session.

Whether you want to experience the latest effective skincare procedure or are interested in alternative treatment options, here’s what you need to know about a vampire facial. There are several things you need to consider when it comes to the cost of a vampire facial. We offer discounted rates when you book a certain number of procedures with us.

 For example, one PRP facial session goes for $500  with the option to book three vampire facial treatments for $1,200. 

As is expected with a range of other types of skincare, you’ll definitely need more than one treatment to see the full PRP facial results. Most people need anywhere from three (3) to six (6) sessions, with one session done about every four weeks. Given this, your total cost could end up being between $2,250 to $3000 with RegenLab PRP. However, the results are more than worth it. 

PRP vampire facial treatment isn’t cheap, but it is in fact much less expensive than more invasive surgeries. You can also talk to your provider about potential ways to offset PRP facial costs. Our office offers:

payment plans
membership discounts 
0% interest PayBright financing
Discounted bundle pricing 

How often should I do a Vampire Facial or PRP Treatment?

PRP facial treatment frequency varies depending on your skin condition, lifestyle factors and your overall expectations. Three (3) treatments, four (4) six (6) weeks apart is standard. Once you and the PRP nurse are happy with the PRP facial results, you can maintain the result with top-up treatments done every 12-18 months.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that maintenace treatment frequency will vary between individiuals.

What can I expect following my PRP treatment?

Almost all of our PRP facial clients have commented that the PRP facial treatment is no where as painful as they thought because of the U225 mesogun, it can be just slightly uncomfortable. Ever had your eyebrows threaded or facial laser? If the answer is yes, you will be familiar with the concept of – not painful, just uncomfortable.

After a vampire facial, you van expect some temporary swelling, and sometimes bruising. The PRP facial recovery time can be anything from a few hours to a few days. Compared to a procedure like a rhinoplasty, the downtime is virtually zero. We may recommend specific skincare products as part of a post-care regime.

Most patients go straight back to work after the procedure. However, some tend to relax for a while before resuming their daily jobs. You should also know about these minor side effects. 

PRP injections can cause temporary minor bruising and swelling – taking arnica a few days before treatment and following our PRP facial care guide can help
Some patients report a tingling sensation and headache after the injection – these are both normal

Potential side effects and complications

Due to the fact that the vampire facelift does not require the addition of any foreign over or animal ingredients, it therefore has very few side effects. Minor side effects occur after the procedure and usually go away soon afterward. Itchiness, swelling, bruising, burning, headache, and discoloration are some of the most common side effects.

The most problematic side effect of PRP facials is psychological. It is possible that patients may be reluctant to have their own plasma injected into their skin. This fear can be due to the unfamiliarity of the procedure and the potential risks involved. 

To alleviate this psychological fear, it is important for patients to be informed of the benefits of PRP facial and the safety of the procedure.

You should not experience an allergic reaction since the plasma comes from your blood. However, you may experience redness for 24 to 72 hours. This redness does not feel painful, and make-up can easily cover the redness.

As a result of the blood injections, your ability to accept and cope with the procedure is one of the main factors during and after vampire facial treatment. It is always a good idea to do your research whenever you consider getting a treatment done. 

LMC is well-trained in PRP procedures and guarantees our clients a specialized experience. To ensure your health is protected, we ensure PRP procedures are performed in a sterilized environment.  Proper aftercare is also essential for a successful outcome. 

We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to properly care for your skin after the procedure. We will also provide you with any necessary follow-up appointments to ensure that you have the best experience possible with us.


In Toronto, vampire facial treatments typically can cost around $1000 per session. PRP treatment kits, which usually cost about $600, are one of the biggest expenses associated with this process. 

LMC – Laser Medical Clinic specializes in PRP therapy and we are able to provideo our vampire facials at exclusive rates, which include the drawing and professional application of your plasma from one of our PRP nurses to the treatment area. In fact, we have been performing PRP for over a decade with thousands of happy clients. 

We are the largest providers of PRP in Canada for some of the most advanced PRP technologies. For example, RegenLab PRP is an extremely popular choice for PRP facials and is approximately $500 per session at LMC – Laser Medical Clinic.

You should ensure that you receive the vampire facial treatment from a reputable provider like our clinic. PRP can leave individuals exposed to dangerous side effects if anything goes wrong. 

Additionally, we have learned from our past clients that there are medical spas in Toronto who perform PRP therapy with illegal PRP kits – PRP kits that are not Health Canada approved. 

You should always ensure that the PRP kit used is Health Canada approved. Lastly, make sure to ask questions about the procedure to gain a better understanding of the potential risks and rewards.

All of our PRP nurses are extensively trained to provide you the best treatment, enhanced patient safety and overall quality of care. You can earn a free consultation session with LMC by contacting us today.


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