Why The Winter Is PERFECT For Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Why the Winter is PERFECT for Laser Hair Removal Treatments

One thing absolutely no one enjoys having to endure during the Summer months is having to make the precious time in our Summer schedules for subpar hair removal rituals such as waxing appointments and shaving schedules… or dealing with messy chemical-filled and gross-smelling hair removal creams.

Preparation for that hot, care-free and adventurous summer is really the surest way of experiencing it…and laser hair removal treatments with the gold standard Candela GentleMax Pro PLUS just happen to be best suited for the Winter months. This is because of the following key reasons:

  1. Winter makes it effortless to avoid sun exposure (no kidding eh Canada?!): It’s common knowledge that when compared to our hot  summer months, avoiding sun exposure in the winter is a piece of cake. Excessive sun exposure can have an adverse effect of damaging laser treated skin, which can result in the formation of blisters and/or burns (ouch). Hence, our after-care instructions for our laser hair removal.  treatment sessions includes avoiding sun exposure on treated areas for a window of two to four weeks post-treatment. The winter time makes this recovery step a much easier process versus the summer time

  2. Winter is the time to layer up and live in fleece, which means protecting the laser treated area from unnecessary exposure: This is related to #1. Covering up post-treatment protects the laser treated area from unnecessary sun exposure and UV light. In the cold weather, covering up is less of an issue because you’re more likely to be bundled up anyway from the cold weather. Winning.

  3. Winter is the ideal time to prepare for your flawless Summer skin: At LMC – Laser Medical Clinic, we exclusively use the gold standard and multiple award winning Candela GentleMax Pro PLUS Laser for ouaser hair removal. The Candela GentleMax Pro PLUS is the go-to choice for dermatologists worldwide for permanent and effective hair reduction. The Candela GentleMax Pro PLUS is conveniently effective and safe for all skin types. Additional hair removal sessions are advised four to six weeks apart from the first laser hair removal treatment. Meaning, if you decide to sign up for laser hair removal with LMC today, there are still several months to undergo a series of easy and stress-free laser hair removal treatments before revealing the amazing results at the start of the summer season: smooth legs, bikini body/swimming trunks ready for life and best of all, ditching the shaving and waxing schedule! Yes please!

    Ingrown hairs? Razor bumps? Cuts? Irritation? You will be relieved to have the aforementioned out of your life for all time (once and for all!). With laser hair removal, you’ll finally have the freedom to enjoy summertime activities feeling free and confident. You can also benefit from the convenience of not shaving constantly or worrying about a pesky five-o’clock shadow. Plus, no more need to maintain annoying hair removal routines between summertime activities. Enjoy your summer feeling smooth, silky, and hair-free! No more letting unwanted body hair keep you from enjoying your summer, get laser hair removal done today!

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