PRP Eye Treatment: 11 Amazing & Transformative Benefits

The 11 Transformative Benefits of PRP Eye Treatments: A Closer Look

Prp Eye Treatmenet Benefits

PRP therapy has proven to be very effective in aesthetic and regenerative medicine, especially for the face and scalp. One exciting area where PRP has shown promise is eye treatment. Specifically, PRP has effectively treated dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and bags under the eyes. If you've ever wondered about how PRP treatment can benefit the eye area, read on in this blog to find out.

What is PRP?

Before diving into the benefits of PRP eye treatments, it’s essential to first understand what PRP is. PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma and is made from a small sample of blood. The blood sample is spun in a centrifuge to separate valuable platelets and powerful growth factors from the other components of the blood. The other components of blood are discarded while platelets and rich growth factors are used for treatment. These elements play a vital role in healing and rejuvenation.

PRP may seem like an up-and-coming trend but it’s actually been used extensively for decades. Specifically, many different fields of medicine have applied the use of PRP for many years. These fields include dermatology, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, dentistry, wound care, sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, trauma surgery, and oral surgery. 

11 Powerful Benefits of PRP Eye Treatments

1. A 100% Natural Approach:

One of the most important benefits of PRP eye treatments is its natural base. Since PRP is created from the patient’s blood, there is a very low risk of allergic reactions. This makes PRP eye treatments a safer alternative to other treatments such as cosmetic fillers for the eye area. Additionally, there is absolutely zero risk of introducing bacteria or foreign particles to the eye area, which can happen with other types of treatment.

2. Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles:

The skin around our eyes thins as we age, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. PRP eye treatments can stimulate collagen production, increasing the thickness of the skin under the eye and reducing the visible signs of aging. This is also supported by the literature. In fact, a 2021 study found that PRP eye treatments resulted in moderate to excellent improvement in decreasing existing eye wrinkles (Banihashemi et al., 2021). 


3. Effectively Treats Dark Circles under the Eyes:

Dark circles can be caused by reduced collagen, thinning skin, or decreased blood circulation. PRP, with its rich growth factors, rejuvenates the under-eye area, diminishing these bothersome circles. PRP treatments for dark circles are also supported by research. A recent 2022 study found that PRP injections were significantly more effective at treating dark circles than carboxytherapy (El-Tahlawi et al., 2022). 

4. Cellular Regeneration:

PRP contains growth factors that promote cell regeneration. This cellular turnover can revive the under-eye area, giving it a youthful appearance.

5. Minimal Downtime:

Unlike surgical procedures which can be invasive and require long downtimes, PRP eye treatments have minimal downtime. Soon after treatment, most patients can resume normal activities. This is because PRP eye treatments use the body’s own platelets to stimulate natural healing, as opposed to the use of foreign materials or devices in surgical procedures. This allows the body to recover quickly and without the need for extensive recovery periods.

6. Few side effects:

Since PRP is derived from blood, adverse reactions are rare. This is especially relevant when considering how widespread adverse effects can be from cosmetic eye fillers and other injections for the eye area. In contrast, PRP eye treatments are likely to cause temporary redness, swelling, or bruising around the treatment area. However, these side effects usually last only for a few days after treatment.

7. Cost-Effective in the Long Run

When considering the cumulative costs of creams, serums, and other treatments over time, PRP therapy might prove more cost-effective. Using PRP for eye treatments reduces the need for frequent touch-ups since the results are long-lasting.

8. Complementary to Other Treatments:

It is possible to enhance the results of PRP treatment by combining it with other cosmetic treatments, such as fillers and botox, thus simultaneously addressing multiple aesthetic concerns. Likewise, PRP can also be combined with laser treatments such as Dermalux and Secret PRO RF Microneedling for powerful benefits. 

  • PRP and Secet PRO RF Microneedling: The combination of PRP and RF Microneedling is highly effective at addressing skin discoloration.

  • PRP and Dermalux LED Light Therapy: Post PRP treatment, using light therapy can amplify the absorption of growth factors, leading to quicker and more efficient healing. 

9. Increases Skin Hydration

A proper hydration regimen is essential for young and healthy-looking skin. PRP can improve hydration by enhancing the skin’s overall ability to keep moisture. PRP also increases hyaluronic acid production. Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizer that binds water to the skin; it keeps the skin looking and feeling youthful.

  1. Boosts Overall Confidence:

It is well-known that looking good translates into feeling well. PRP treatments can powerfully address various aesthetic concerns around the eyes. Many patients report positive psychological benefits such as gains in self-esteem and confidence following PRP eye treatments.  

11. Long-Lasting Results:

Individual results may vary, but in general, patients can expect to see results for several months or even longer. This is because the growth factors in the PRP stimulate the body’s natural healing processes, which can cause new tissue to form and create long-lasting results. Additionally, the periodic touch-up treatments help to further stimulate the body’s natural healing processes for even longer-lasting results.


prp eye treatmentPeople looking to rejuvenate their under-eye area without surgery can take advantage of PRP eye treatments. In addition to its natural basis, PRP is effective in treating a wide range of aesthetic concerns, making it an appealing choice. It is always best to consult a qualified medical professional to receive more personalized advice and ensure the best outcome. Our plasma clinic specializes in PRP therapy. We can provide you with a complimentary consult to figure out if you’re an ideal candidate for PRP eye treatments. Contact us today to find out if PRP therapy is right for you.


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