Combining CO2 Laser Therapy With PRP: What Are The Benefits?

Angel Lift: The benefits of combining CO2 Laser Therapy with PRP

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Angel Lift: The benefits of combining CO2 Laser Therapy with Platelet-rich-plasma therapy

What is CO2 Laser Therapy?

CO2 lasers are used to help skin resurfacing  by using energy in the form of wavelengths. These wavelengths cause the water in skin cells to absorb this energy resulting in the ablation of the superficial layer of the skin. This laser is involved in controlled heat injury which will result in the skin underneath to form collagen enhancing the elasticity of the skin. When the skin undergoes healing it will cause tighter and smoother skin.

There are two types of CO2 laser therapies which are ablative and fractional. Ablative CO2 therapy is more aggressive due to the vaporizing effect of the laser but will produce more visible differences of the skin. Ablative CO2 therapy however does come with greater risks of hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

Fractional CO2 laser therapy uses many microbeams that create channels in the skin leaving the skin surrounding these columns unaffected. Using fractional CO2 therapies minimize side effects due to the more controlled and targeted areas of the columns. The recovery time after CO2 laser therapy is typically 2-4 weeks as new skin cells begin to grow at the 2 week mark.

What is Platelet-rich-plasma therapy?

Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP)  therapy is used to help promote healing when the surface of the skin is injured. During this process, the client’s blood is extracted and placed in a centrifuge where it is spun causing the components of the blood to separate. The plasma is one component in your blood that contains many growth factors that will help with cell healing.

When clients undergo PRP therapy on the skin, the surface of the skin is punctured with a fine needle sending your body into a healing response as the plasma is injected. This therapy will allow for new skin cells to grow and produce more collagen creating a smoother and healthier appearance of the skin.

What are the benefits of combining CO2 laser therapy with PRP?

Over the years,  the advancements in technology has allowed practitioners to expand treatments by combining other technology to enhance the appearance of the skin. The Angel Lift is a treatment that combines CO2 laser therapy and PRP.

After the fractional CO2 therapy treatment, your skin will have these channels where the laser has targeted which create excellent paths for PRP to enter. There are two ways in which the PRP can be introduced to the skin after CO2 laser therapy. The first method is by topical exposure, meaning that once the CO2 laser therapy is complete, the plasma that has separated from the blood can be rubbed over these channels using an ultrasound probe.

The second method can be done by injecting the Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) into these channels. Both methods allow for the PRP to enter the channels and aid in healing and speed up recovery time. This process will enhance the production of collagen causing the elasticity of the skin to increase and allow clients to have a rejuvenated appearance.

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