Discover The Top Facts About PRP Hair Therapy By Debunking 6 Myths

PRP for Hair Loss: Myths vs. Facts – Understanding the Science and Success Rates

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Unlocking the Truth: Key Facts About PRP Hair Treatment

Globally, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy has become one of the most popular methods of non-surgical hair restoration. However, the sea of information online can often be misleading, making it challenging to differentiate between PRP myths and facts. Today, let’s dive into the truths behind PRP hair restoraton and debunk some of the prevalent myths. After all, it is important to be aware of the facts behind PRP hair restoration in order to make the best and most informed decisions for your hair health.


Myth 1: PRP Hair Treatments Works the Same for Everyone

PRP Hair Treatments Fact: The effectiveness of PRP therapy can vary significantly between individuals. Factors such as the underlying cause of hair loss, the individual’s overall health, and the extent of hair thinning all play crucial roles in the outcome of the treatment. 

PRP is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and consulting with one of our specialists to understand whether PRP is suitable for your specific condition is essential.

Myth 2: PRP Hair Treatment Results are Immediate

PRP Hair Treatment Fact: PRP therapy requires patience. Most patients will not see immediate results after their first session. Hair growth is a slow process, and the effects of PRP therapy accumulate over time. 

Typically, patients might start to see noticeable improvements within three to eight months following the first treatment, with the condition continuing to improve with subsequent sessions.


Myth 3: PRP Hair Treatment Is Just a Trendy, Unproven Technique

PRP Hair Treatment Fact: While relatively new, PRP hair treatment is backed by science and has shown efficacy in numerous studies. PRP works by harnessing the body’s natural growth factors found in platelets, which are injected into the scalp to stimulate hair follicle growth and regeneration.  

PRP treatment is backed by a substantial body of clinical research demonstrating its safety and efficacy in treating hair loss in both men and women (Butt et al., 2019; Cervelli et al., 2014; Evans et al., 2022; Gentile & Garcovich, 2022; Gupta & Carviel, 2017; Mercuri et al., 2021; Paichitrojjana & Paichitrojjana, 2023; Ramos et al., 2023; Tang et al., 2022). This wealth of evidence underscores PRP as one of the most scientifically supported non-surgical options for promoting hair growth and curbing hair loss.


Myth 4: The PRP Hair Treatment is Excessively Painful

PRP Hair Treatment Fact: PRP injections involve some level of discomfort, as is common with most needle-based treatments, but the pain is generally well-tolerated by our patients with the U225 Mesogun. 

The U225 Mesogun is a sophisticated device commonly used in aesthetic medicine for various treatments, including PRP injections. It is especially favored for its ability to make the PRP application nearly painless and more efficient compared to traditional manual injection methods. Here’s a closer look at how the U225 Mesogun achieves this:


High Precision and Control: The U225 Mesogun offers extremely precise control over the depth and speed of injections. This precision ensures that the PRP is delivered exactly where it is needed in the scalp without affecting surrounding tissues unnecessarily. By targeting the right depth, the treatment becomes more effective and less uncomfortable.


Faster Injection Speed: One of the key features of the U225 Mesogun is its rapid injection capability. The gun can deliver quick injections that are less noticeable compared to the slower, manual insertion of a needle. This speed not only reduces the time the needle is in contact with the skin, minimizing discomfort, but also allows for a larger area to be treated in a shorter session.


Reduced Needle Size: The U225 Mesogun uses very fine needles, which are less invasive than the larger needles typically used in manual injections. The smaller needle size significantly reduces the pain associated with the injection process, making the treatment more comfortable for patients.


Automated Injection Process: Automation in the U225 Mesogun ensures consistent pressure and volume of PRP delivered with each injection, which is difficult to achieve manually. This consistency helps in reducing discomfort as the automated system minimizes tissue damage and irritation caused by variable injection techniques.


Increased Treatment Efficiency: With the U225 Mesogun, practitioners can perform more injections in a single session with greater accuracy. This efficiency not only shortens the treatment time but also spreads out the injections so that the pain associated with each is less noticeable. Moreover, a more even distribution of PRP leads to better treatment outcomes.


Minimal Downtime: Due to its precise and controlled method of injection, the U225 Mesogun typically results in minimal bruising, swelling, and bleeding. This gentle approach allows for a quicker recovery compared to traditional methods, with patients often able to resume normal activities shortly after the procedure.


Myth 5: PRP Hair Treatment Can Replace Hair Transplant Surgery

PRP Hair Treatment Fact: PRP therapy and hair transplants address hair loss in different ways. While PRP can be highly effective in slowing down hair loss and stimulating growth in active follicles, it does not create new hair follicles. 

Hair transplants involve relocating hair from denser areas to balding or thinning areas, which can achieve more dramatic results in areas that are completely bald.


Myth 6: All PRP kits are made the same

PRP Hair Treatment Fact: PRP Concentration differs by the kit used and PRP concentration will matter for the final result. One of the critical aspects of PRP therapy that determines its success is the concentration of platelets in the plasma being used. 

Research suggests that the concentration of platelets can significantly impact the treatment’s effectiveness. Elevated platelet concentration is pivotal in PRP hair treatment because it supplies a rich blend of growth factors that are essential for promoting hair growth and thickness. 

These growth factors accelerate tissue regeneration and enhance the healing process, which are crucial for effective hair restoration.In PRP hair therapy, the increased concentration of platelets provides an excellent source of growth factors.

 These growth factors are key in driving various critical biological processes, including promoting cell growth, encouraging cell multiplication, and facilitating tissue repair.

Within the context of PRP hair treatment, these growth factors take on an even more significant role. They act as powerful activators for dormant hair follicles, effectively stimulating them back into an active growth phase. This action helps to kickstart hair regrowth and contributes to increasing hair density, thus addressing issues of hair loss and thinning.

Ultimately, the high concentration of growth factors in PRP therapy not only supports cellular regeneration and tissue repair but also revitalizes hair follicles. This leads to improved hair volume and thickness, offering a promising solution for those experiencing hair thinning or loss.


PRP therapy is an emerging treatment for those dealing with hair loss, but it’s vital to have a clear understanding and realistic expectations of this option. 

The efficacy of PRP largely depends on the concentration of platelets, which plays a significant role in the effectiveness of the treatment. By debunking myths and providing accurate information, individuals are better equipped to decide if PRP therapy is the right choice for their hair restoration needs.

Explore the potential of PRP therapy at LMC – Laser Medical Clinic, where we offer a free consultation to help you understand this innovative, non-surgical approach to hair growth and density enhancement. 

PRP hair therapy is not a quick fix but a well-planned journey tailored to your specific hair growth cycles and conditions. 

Our specialists are committed to developing treatment plans that incorporate the latest research and your personal hair restoration objectives.

Whether you’re just starting to consider treatments for hair loss or looking to improve your current efforts, allow us to show you the benefits of PRP therapy.

 Supported by the latest studies and our clinical experience, learn how a series of PRP sessions, along with a maintenance routine and possibly other therapies, can help achieve thicker, fuller hair.

Don’t let hair loss control your life. Reach out to LMC – Laser Medical Clinic for your free PRP consultation today, and start your journey towards regaining confidence with a fuller head of hair. Join us and receive expert advice and a treatment plan customized just for you.

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