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PRP Hair Treatments – What is it & Why You Should Consider It?

Prp Hair Treatments Why You Should Consider It

PRP hair loss treatment is a real game-changer for those struggling with hair loss, a problem that can really knock your confidence. Whether it’s down to your genes, getting older, hormone changes, what you eat, health problems, certain medicines, or even stress and sports injuries – there are loads of reasons why people might lose their hair. Thanks to some super smart advances in beauty tech, there are now some pretty effective ways to fight back against hair loss and get your lush locks back.

At LMC Laser Medical Clinic, one of the top picks for this is the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment, or what some people call PRP micro-needling. It’s been a big hit with a lot of our clients, and it’s getting more and more popular all over the place.

This PRP treatment is kind of like a secret weapon. It works by using your own blood – yep, you heard that right! One of our health care professionals will take a bit of your blood, spin it in a machine called a centrifuge to get this platelet-rich plasma, which is full of your growth factors. Then, tiny needles are used to put this plasma back into your scalp, specifically in the areas where you are experiencing hair thinning. Sounds a bit sci-fi, but it’s all about using your body’s natural power to heal and grow.

People are loving it because it’s not as scary as it sounds, and it’s showing some pretty impressive results in bringing back hair. No wonder it’s becoming a go-to solution for those pesky bald spots and thinning areas. So, if you’re fed up with hair loss and looking for a modern solution, PRP at LMC Laser Medical Clinic might just be what you need to get your hair game back on track.

What is Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Treatment?

PRP hair treatments or PRP therapy is an effective medical procedure that targets hair loss through the injection of your own plasma into the scalp. The treatment uses the body’s own natural abilities of healing to encourage the production of collagen and hair regrowth through a concentration of platelets, which is best known for its blood clotting capabilities and growth factors.

Many doctors in the medical community believe that PRP injections can help to trigger natural hair regrowth, thickness and maintenance through the injection of growth factors. This can encourage stimulation in the hair loss area and produce collagen through platelet-rich plasma for successful and impressive hair regrowth.

The process of a PRP treatment is broken down into 3 stages and the whole treatment lasts around 30 minutes to complete.

Stage One

The first stage is where a medical professional will take a sample of your blood taken before it is placed into a centrifuge machine to go through a process of separation. This is because the blood contains different components, including red cells, white cells and platelets, which is what is necessary for PRP to work.

Stage Two

Once your blood has been taken it is placed into a centrifuge, a machine that spins the blood tubes at a rapid speed to separate the blood fluid from its densities. There is where your blood separates into 3 layers:

  • Platelet-rich plasma
  • Platelet-poor plasma
  • Red blood cells

Stage Three

The concentrated platelet-rich plasma is removed from the centrifuge and drawn into a syringe which will be injected into the scalp at the level of your hair follicles, in the area that requires growth.

platelet rich plasma hair treatment

Why You Should Consider PRP Hair Loss Treatments for Hair Restoration: Benefits of PRP hair loss treatment

There are countless benefits to a PRP treatment for hair loss including its effectiveness in hair growth and thickness, the meticulousness of how it is administered, the convenience of the treatment and let’s not forget to mention, the boost in your overall confidence. Best of all, the treatment offers minimal downtime which means you can return to your usual day-to-day activities once the treatment is over.

Effectiveness of Hair Growth with PRP hair loss treatment

If you are growing increasingly frustrated with issues like stagnant hair growth, thinning strands, or a receding hairline, then PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) hair loss treatment could be an ideal solution for you. One significant benefit of PRP hair loss treatment is its proven effectiveness in stimulating new hair growth. Research indicates that approximately 80% of individuals who undergo PRP treatment with the right technology experience successful outcomes, including noticeable new hair growth and visual improvements.

These positive changes often begin to manifest within just the first few months of treatment. PRP therapy, leveraging the healing powers of your own blood’s platelets, not only encourages hair regrowth but also strengthens hair follicles, leading to thicker, healthier hair. It’s a safe, innovative approach to addressing hair loss and restoring the vitality of your hair, making it an increasingly popular choice for those seeking effective hair rejuvenation solutions.

The Procedure is Safe and Meticulous

A PRP hair treatment should be carried out by a registered medical practitioner or nurse who can carefully administer the procedure from the removal of blood to the injection of platelet-rich plasma into your scalp. Your medical practitioner will know how to carefully inject the plasma back into the correct areas of your scalp to target the hair follicles that will effectively stimulate new hair growth. Not only that, considering the procedure requires platelets from your own body, you can be assured that there is no risk of a reaction or rejection from the treatment.

PRP is a Convenient Treatment with Minimal Downtime

As mentioned before, the treatment is completed within 45 minutes and can easily fit into your busy schedule without any downtime compared to a hair loss surgery where you may need to take some time off work and take great care during the healing stage.

The convenience of PRP hair loss treatments is a massive driving factor for patients who choose this type of procedure as it doesn’t disrupt their day nor does it require any special attention. By the end of your treatment, you can continue with your usual activities without having to worry about the healing process.

prp is a convenient treatment

Boosts Your Confidence

Dealing with hair loss can profoundly affect your self-esteem and mental well-being. It’s a journey that not everyone faces, but for those who do, it often brings feelings of loneliness, embarrassment, and can even lead to more serious issues like depression or anxiety. However, there’s a ray of hope with the benefit of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) hair loss treatment. This innovative approach not only offers a promising solution to restore your hair but also plays a crucial role in rebuilding your confidence.

PRP treatment harnesses the healing power of your own blood to stimulate hair growth, making it a safe and natural choice. After undergoing a few sessions and observing tangible improvements in hair growth, you will likely experience a significant boost in your self-image.

You’ll find yourself stepping out without the need to conceal your hair under hats, feeling more like your true self. The benefit of PRP hair loss treatment goes beyond just physical results; it’s about rejuvenating your sense of identity and comfort in your own skin. Embrace the opportunity to regain not only your hair but also the confidence and joy in your appearance.

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